Five Essential Tips for Designing and Implementing Positive SEO

d20Are you in the process of establishing a new business? You probably know that having a website is a must, but that doesn’t stop there. You should also be able to put your site out there in public, or it’s not going to help your bottomline at all. When you talk about getting your website public attention, search engine optimization or SEO is key.

SEO is a process that involves tricks and techniques that drive people to your website. You may have the best website in the world, but unless you do good SEO, you may not be able to leverage on it fully. Definitely, you should hire an SEO pro to design and execute your campaign, but as a responsible business owner, you should remain ultimately in control. To do that, you have to understand the five basic components of good SEO. Visit to watch a video about SEO.

The Importance of Keywords

Keyword research is the most critical part of every SEO campaign. You have to determine what keywords exactly you want your site to get a good rank for. Once you have identified these keywords, make sure that users will actually find information about them when they land on your website.

Content is King

Then, now and forever, there is no other king in SEO but content. To have good page rankings, you need to be in constant supply of new, high quality content. Certainly, you must use some of the keywords from your research.

Creating Backlinks

Hyperlinks that link up a web page back to your web page are called backlinks. In giving you a page rank, Google puts importance both on the quality of your backlinks and their quantity.

Utilizing Social Media

Yes, you don’t only need good content- you also have to share it. If you have just updated your website or if you have published a new blog post, let it be known across the social media. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest will be extremely helpful. If you ask why, it’s simple: there’s SEO power in social media, not to mention Google particularly likes it. Crawl your website with help from experts here.

Going Mobile

To maximize the advantages you get from SEO, couple it with mobile optimization. Google, in fact, has said page rankings will suffer for those who do not make their websites mobile-friendly.

Each successful SEO campaign with links validator contains all five elements mentioned above.  Of course, more factors can come into play as far as determining your page rank is concerned. That’s the reason you should consider hiring a pro.


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